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Apr 30th
1:05 PM

Non-Album Song Downloads

OK! So people ask for these songs all the time and apparently I have nothing better to do today than to separate them and finally put them up somewhere for good (there’s a link on the sidebar now). Pleeease let me know if I missed something (entirely possible I overlooked it in iTunes), if you think something needs to be included, if anything’s broken etc etc in the comments. Thanks!

Michigan Outtakes

  • Vito’s Ordination Song (Demo)
  • Marching Band
  • Pickerel Lake
  • Niagara Falls
  • Presidents and Magistrates
  • Wolverine

Seven Swans 7”

  • I Went Dancing With My Sister
  • Waste of What Your Kids Won’t Have

Gaspar Claus and Sufjan Stevens

  • Alien VS Predator
  • Invalid Skin
  • Romance Cave

A Familyre Christmas

  • Up On The Housetop
  • We Wish You A Merry Christmas

Covers (live and studio)

  • The Lakes of Canada (live, The Innocence Mission)
  • You Are The Blood (Castanets)
  • She Is (Tim Buckley)
  • Ring Them Bells (Bob Dylan)
  • Variation and Commemorative Transfiguration & Communion at Magruder Park (John Fahey)
  • The One I Love (live, R.E.M.)
  • The Star Spangled Banner (live)
  • What Goes On (The Beatles)
  • Free Man in Paris (Joni Mitchell)
  • Saginaw, Michigan [with David Byrne] (live, Lefty Frizzell)

Live Only

  • Majesty Snowbird
  • The 50 States Song
  • Many Guides
  • Jacob
  • Jupiter Bad June
  • Maple River

Compilation Tracks

Miscellaneous Tracks