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Jul 28th
2:06 PM

Sufjan Stevens - The Predatory Wasp of the Palisades is Out to Get Us! (live at Triple Door, 2005)

May 2nd
9:17 PM

Chris Schlarb  (feat. Sufjan Stevens + Nedelle) - ‘Til I Die

Download the track for free at bandcamp


Apr 28th
4:26 PM

Q & A at Calvin College's Festival of Faith and Music 2007

From the last couple of posts, it seems like we’re going backwards in time. Since things are a little quiet now after the Planetarium, I thought I’d post stuff from a few years back. It might be interesting to those who started listening to him recently? 

Apr 27th
9:06 PM

Sufjan’s lecture from a workshop he did with Rosie Thomas and Denison Witmer at Calvin College in 2004

Dec 28th
10:58 AM

Sufjan Stevens - Christmas Unicorn (Boston, MA @ Royale - 12/20/12)

"Who writes these lyrics?"

Dec 25th
6:33 PM

Sufjan Stevens - Santa Claus is Coming to Town (Boston, MA @ Royale - 12/20/12)

It’s a Christmas miracle! Thanks to Stefan Cooke for recording and sharing this show (and for graciously letting me convert it to MP3 and share with you all). Download here: Part 1, Part 2 (or head over to the bootlegs page). Merry X-Mess!

Dec 11th
11:13 AM

Kitty Pryde - Implants & Yankee Candles (prod. by Fol Chen)

The mystery is over..

Click here to listen to the rest of the Chopped and Scrooged mixtape.

Nov 8th
8:51 AM

Sufjan Stevens - Happy Karma Christmas

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Nov 2nd
12:53 PM

Sufjan Stevens - Alphabet St.

Sufjan covering Prince? Yes please, all day.

Oct 2nd
10:41 AM

Sufjan Stevens - Christmas Unicorn

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